Pay Per Click Management

What makes our approach unique?

In a nutshell we take a hands on approach to your campaign. Your success is our number one priority!

Human Experience vs. Robots

Although software has its place in your campaign, computer software is no match for human experience. Whether its keyword research, writing ad copy or optimizing landing pages for higher conversions, you want a proven marketing professional at the helm, not a robot.

Careful Client Selection

Too often companies overload managers with an excessive number of clientele. Overloaded account managers are forced to rely on robots to do jobs in place of an experienced manager. We prefer to be selective in our choice of clients so that we may engage in a more personal relationship with them.

Also, we take the time to fully understand your product and campaign goals. We only accept campaigns that we truly believe we can make successful.

Simple, Flat Rate Pricing

The management fees most firms charge are based on a % of the amount you spend each month on advertising. This pricing scheme puts you, the customer, at an immediate disadvantage. The more of your money a manager spends the greater profit they receive. Why would a manager focus on reducing spending if they actually lose money as your budget decreases?

Our flat rate pricing allows our managers to focus on saving you money by running efficient and effective campaigns that do not overpay for results.

Proven Marketing Expertise

Anyone can simply overbid their way to top ranking positions, but it is truly an art form to get the maximum Return On Investment (ROI) for every dollar your campaign spends.

Each of our accounts are handled by an experienced search marketing professional. Our managers have worked in the search engine marketing and advertising field for 10+ years. You will be impressed by their innovative ideas and eagerness to help you succeed.

We are happy to review your new or existing campaign at no cost!

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