twitter_listsDid you notice that Twitter added  list functionality to follow this week? I have had a few people ask me what is the purpose? So with that; here is 4 ways to use Twitter lists:

  1. Niche Follow- Simply put lists allow you to follow groups of people based on their niche focus. As Social Media becomes more prevalent in the business word, the ability to focus your tweets on verticals will become more necessary. That reason necessitates the need for Social Analytics. The lists are another way to organize and focus.
  2. Topic RSS- In a way the lists are almost an RSS aggregator of niche topics. Much like allows you to pull RSS feeds of #keywords, listing allows you to focus on topics.
  3. Who to Follow? – This is an easy one. If someone is being put into a lot of lists, then they are Tweeting items of value. Being added to lists is almost like getting a high rating! This will keep people honest. I know I have started looking at how many lists folks are on before following them.  I have made simple criteria of 3 lists before following them.
  4. Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence & Industry Pulse- What a great opportunity to pull in all of the industry experts, stakeholders and players into one list and monitor what they are up to. A huge BI opportunity that all businesses should jump on!

Here is the SEO List we made:

I am not sure if you know this, but Twitter lists have been available prior to this week. Here is a few to check out:

TLists: (thx to @TazmanianTayTay)

Ultimately, the ability to organize your followers by niche is much needed! If you have other ideas, please share them in the comments.