make-moneyWe are consistently looking for new and inexpensive ways to market our E-commerce sites.  Like many E-commerce sites, we operate on a shoestring budget, and are always looking for the least expensive ways to promote our site.  We have found one of the best ways to market the site, with a very small budget is to partner up with the manufacturers that we represent on our sites.  Here are three ways to utilize the skills and services that manufacturers offer to their dealers.

1) Print Advertisements-Many manufacturers will run print advertisements in trade publications.  Ask the manufacturers that you work with if you can be involved with these publications, by paying a small fee to have your website listed on the print advertisements.  Your website can be listed as a place that sells the manufacturers products.  In return, this is also helping the manufacturer pay for the advertisement. 

2) Website Listing on Manufacturer’s Site-If the manufacturer has a website with online retailers listed, typically a “where to buy this product online” or “online retailers” section, ensure your website is listed.  This is a free link that the manufacturer should have no problem putting up.  Some manufacturers will only put your link up on their site once you have reached a pre-set yearly sales number.  Ask the manufacturer what the requirements are to have your link listed. 

3) Promotions  - Find out from your sales representative what promotions the manufacturer is running and when they will occur.  Most of the time they will have it listed in a special area on their website, possibly homepage, or in a print publication.  Ask to be involved in the promotion, to ensure that customers know they can take advantage of the promotion by purchasing from your website. 

Manufacturers are always willing to work with you to help sell more products.  Typically, they have a marketing team in place, and are more than helpful.  Utilize the resources they provide to you for being their dealer.   We have found the above three ideas are a great to start to working with manufacturers on the marketing of our sites.