Fresh Social Media; Crucial Ways to Achieve Originality


Customise Everything

Go back just ten short years and the world of social media was a virtually unpopulated wasteland, peopled only here and there by barely evolved platforms which were merely half formed ideas riddled with bugs. Nowadays we’re blessed with a much plusher and livelier social media landscape which is embraced by all, even those most rare of beasts – A-list celebrities. However this modern web isn’t without its problems, and the proliferation of tweeters and facebookers means that the average first time user has little chance of standing out.

Like a sparrow amongst parrots we can tweet all we like, but sadly if our feathers are dull and our song uninspiring, we’ll never attract any notice. We need that certain something if we’re to stand out, after all; the parrots were once sparrows themselves, which means that they must have done something to expand their social media presence and develop into an authority.

The key is originality, originality, originality. Or technically, just originality. If you can present a profile and wider online persona that is original, you’ll be able to capture people’s attention and imagination.

Originality is closely related to the idea of uniqueness, so as a social media marketer it’s your task to create something entirely new. This means customising everything about your Twitter or Facebook profile so that it’s both engaging and interesting. It means sitting down and thinking long and hard in order to hit upon something completely fresh.

Twitter Tassles

Where Twitter is concerned, customising everything you can is the first step on the road to sticking out like a sore thumb.

1.       Backgrounds

If you can, design and upload your own background (tying in with your brand or image if you have one). Open up now and click on one of the top tweets. What’s the first thing you notice? If it’s a commercial account especially, I’d be (hypothetically) willing to bet that it’s the custom background. Twitter profiles are dominated by empty space either side, so use this to build your personality and character.

It’s probably not worth picking one of Twitter’s own background themes, as this defeats the object. Instead, upload a photograph as your background, or something you yourself have created.

2.       Photos

Even if you don’t have the ability or money to come up with a custom background, you can still upload a photograph or brand icon into the photo field; the important thing is that it’s exclusive to you.

3.       Tweets

The above point goes for Tweets too. Instead of retweeting only industry related links/tweets, try bringing something more universally interesting to the table. Industry content is excellent, but when you boil us all down everyone is human, and so a video you find funny will probably be enjoyed by others too. Small to Medium businesses can fall into the trap of being too commercial and forgetting to be social in the social media world.

Put down the exhaustive list of plumbing tips or timber window news and pretend you’re an individual user who has stumbled across your business’ page – what would keep you there longer than the time it takes to hit the back button?

Facebook Fancy Dress

1.       Landing Pages

As a platform, Facebook is a little more straight laced. Aside from the plethora of photograph uploading opportunities, users do have the ability to create custom designed landing pages to which new visitors are automatically directed. Effectively, these are the homepage of your profile, and should achieve the same things that your real homepage does; inform, engage and call to action.

2.       Status Updates

It’s not always a good idea to aggregate your Twitter feed to Facebook, as this diminishes the originality (there’s that word again) of the tweet/link etc. There’s a reason why Facebook users are on Facebook rather than Twitter, so don’t force Twitter onto them.

Plus it might appear to an interested potential client that you have little to say if you repeat yourself on your blog, Facebook and Twitter. Instead, come up with fresh status updates for Facebook so that social networkers can see you’re investing time and effort.

3.       Page Types

Make sure you create the right page for your purpose, Facebook allows users to create groups, business pages and community pages, as well as featuring countless apps used to promote charitable causes.

Overall, staying fresh in the social media world isn’t without a sense of irony. Success means that everything you say is repeated and retweeted, and countless users become aware of your brand of “distinctiveness”. However, the massive commercial exposure and increasing popularity gained is well worth a little irony. Customise everything and make yourself indispensible and irreplaceable and, predictably, social networkers won’t be able to live without you.

Joel Tarplin is a Content Writer for Creare; specialists in SEO, web design, ecommerce, internet marketing, email marketing and video production.


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  1. My twitter background is nothing more than a photo of me looking crazy..but I’m recognizable.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  2. Joel Tarplin says:

    It’s a simply but effective technique TrafficColeman; what’s more unique to you than your face? And looking crazy shows you’ve understood that it can be helpful to let some of your personality shine through.