20 Great Social Media Professionals On Twitter


New to Social Media? Here is a list of folks I value who you could say are the doers in Social Media. Some folks talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. This group are the Social Media doers in the business world. I find their insights valuable and I know you will too!

chrisbrogan – Chris Brogan
President, New Marketing Labs. More? http://bit.ly/cbbio . email: blog at chrisbrogan dot com
jowyang – Jeremiah Owyang
Partner, Altimeter Group. How I use Twitter http://tinyurl.com/24lv65
AaronStrout – Aaron Strout
CMO – Powered, Inc. (and dedicated husband/dad)
rhappe – Rachel Happe
Connector of ideas and people. Fascinated by social dynamics. Principal at The Community Roundtable – @TheCR
RonPloof – Ron Ploof
Dad, Author, Speaker, Consultant, New Media Management
TomHumbarger – Tom Humbarger
social media, marketing, community strategy, community management, consultant, blogger, runner, father of 4 – how can I help you?
marksylvester – Mark Sylvester
Solving problems using Visualization. Personal and Quasi professional observations here. @intronetworks for work related thoughts
mikepascucci – Mike Pascucci
Social Media/Online Community manager, AAA Mid-Atlantic
juliaroy – Julia Roy
Social Strategist, digital influencer and creator/host of Tweet Week, a video blog about Twitter. Show archive: youtube.com/tweetweek
DerekShowerman – Derek Showerman
Director Of Social Media & Senior Social Media Consultant @ Authority Domains. Former SM Consultant @ Mzinga. Mets fan! Perfectionist & analytical sith nerd.
adamcohen – Adam Cohen
Partner at digital agency Rosetta, Leading Search, Online and Social Media Practices, Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots fan, Dad of 3 amazing boys
BryanPerson – Bryan Person
Social media evangelist at LiveWorld. Keywords: Husband, Dad, Austin, #RedSox, breakfast
KateDickman – Kate Dickman
Crayonista, Social Media Gal + Community Manager for Panasonic’s new online community – LivinginHD.com
mwallcomm – Mark Wallace
VP Social Media, commonground Social Network for Environmental Professionals – Lawyers, EH&S, LEED, Green Building, CRE, etc.. Dad, Hockey/Sports Guy, Music Fan
GeorgeDearing – George Dearing
blogger,media tracker and Telligent evangelist working on the real-time web [georgedearing.com]
justinmwhitaker – Justin Whitaker
Freelance Geek. Socal Media Bunny Rabbit.
glennhilton – Glenn Hilton
I own ImageX Media a Drupal web design and development firm. I’m passionate about social media, technology, authenticity, and everything that’s good.
ShannonPaul – Shannon Paul
Social Media Manager @ PEAK6 Online. The views expressed on this profile are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of PEAK6.
ChadNorthrup – Chad Northrup
CoreBlox co-founder, Dartmouth Alum ’96, Boston sports nut, beer lover, husband, and dad to 2 little girls
Marc_Meyer – Marc Meyer
Dir.of Social Media and Search, Principal at DRMG, and Co-founder of Hashtagsocialmedia.com

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