10 Quick Tips for Writing a Good Article


There are a mountain of things I could tell you about writing a good article. Yes, this is a post for writing a good article, not a great one. Before you can write something really great, imho, you should be comfortable with writing just good articles consistently.

Like anything else, writing takes practice and you have to build up your skills bit by bit.

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Here are 10 quick tips that may help you do just that:

1) Identify your audience. You need to know whom you’re writing for and why they should read it. 

2) Stay focused and write about what you know. If you have a topic, take the time to do some good research before you write it. If you’re someone like an SEO article writer, do all the research first, then write your articles.

3) Don’t forget about the opening paragraph of your article; just like the title, this is what’s going to induce people to keep reading your article. Copyblogger’s Brian Clark has some great ways to achieve this.

4) Use bulleted lists. Bulleted lists are easy to scan and read.

5)  Use sub-headers. This is another key to easy scanning and allows your audience to immediately identify what’s going on and makes it easy to move from point to point.

6) Don’t make your paragraphs longer than 3 or 4 lines. 

7) Follow the oldie but goodie formula when in doubt:

Paragraph 1
Paragraph 2
Paragraph 3

Even the shortest articles should have that general structure. Using your conclusion to reinforce your introduction is always a good idea.

8) Use keywords in the title and remember to use catchy titles. What you want is a good balance; here are a few title templates that work fairly well:

“How To _”
“Ten Greatest Ways To _”
“5 Surefire Steps To _”
“5 Simple Ways To
“10_ Ways To _”

Copyblogger has some great headlines here and here.

9) Proofread. Please. You don’t have to be miss or mister perfect grammar, but you don’t want to submit articles to people that are riddled with grammatical holes. Most of this can be eliminated by just proofreading a couple times. If you don’t want to do it, email it to someone who can read through it to you.

10)  Write your article and leave it be overnight. Revisit it in the morning, make any changes you feel you need to, then start promoting it!

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  1. Noman says:

    thank you for he suggestions i have got many ideas to write a good articles i can now get more marks in exams
    thnk you

  2. Wilson Lugo Photography says:

    Excellent tips. Thank you!!