Follow The Top 40 SEO Experts On Twitter In One Click


A lot of people ask me which SEO’s they should follow on Twitter. I have constructed a list of 40 top notch individuals and loaded them into TweepML. So now you can auto follow them with once click! Simply click the link bellow to add them all at once.

These experts will keep you up to date with the latest and most cutting edge SEO. For those of you who enjoy monotony you can manually follow them the old fashion way from the list bellow.

I am certain that I have inadvertently left someone deserving off of this list. Feel free to suggest them in the comments bellow.

PS. Yes I included myself in the list..Shameless..I know right!

  1. Daron Babin
  2. Andy Beal
  3. Andy Beard
  4. Greg Boser
  5. Jim Boykin
  6. The Caveman
  7. Christoph Cemper
  8. Ryan Clark
  9. Brian Chappell
  10. Bruce Clay
  11. Matt Cutts
  12. Rand Fishkin
  13. Vanessa Fox
  14. Todd Friesen
  15. Patrick Gavin
  16. AJ Ghergich
  17. Michael Gray
  18. Mike Grehan
  19. Gypsy
  20. Halfdeck
  21. Rae Hoffman
  22. Julie Joyce
  23. Todd Malicoat
  24. Lee Odden
  25. Melanie Nathan
  26. Dave Naylor
  27. Gyutae Park
  28. Branko Rihtman
  29. Jeremy Schoemaker
  30. Barry Schwartz
  31. Bill Slawski
  32. Ann Smarty
  33. Danny Sullivan
  34. Brett Tabke
  35. Ralph Tegtmeier
  36. Dan Thies
  37. Aaron Wall
  38. Eric Ward
  39. Gerald Weber
  40. Jill Whalen

Laura Thieme

Top SEO Experts On Twitter
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