101 Action Words and Phrases to Boost Your Ad Campaign


Here are 101 action words and phrases to boost any Ad Campaign. While I wrote this specifically for AdWords, it has a broader application. In copywriting, action words are any words that spur your target audience to action, whether it is buying, learning, saving, preventing, enhancing, boosting or any other number of words.

Action words tie into the idea, in writing, of passive voice vs. active voice. The active voice is usually stronger and more direct than the passive voice.


Passive: There are a large number of clothes for sale at the store.
Active: The store has lots of clothes for sale.

Passive: The reason she blogs is because she has a lot to say.
Active: She has a lot to say so she blogs.

Using words actively rather than passively (and using words that spur people to action) is key to any successful marketing campaign.

In AdWords campaigns, the right action words can increase Click through rates (CTR), conversions, increase traffic and generally create a more powerful campaign.

All good copy is active rather than passive; the list below contains specific words and phrases that are generally more powerful and effective than others in spurring ad campaigns.

Quick notes for using these words:

  • The majority of them are meant to be used at the beginning of a phrase or sentence, e.g. buy now, sale ends tomorrow, save more today, genuine gold, boost your rankings, enhance your body.
  • Make definite assertions. Avoid tame, colorless, noncommittal language.
  • Omit needless words and keep to one tense, preferably the present.

And finally, the list:

  1. Free
  2. New
  3. Sale
  4. Genuine
  5. Buy-today
  6. Save
  7. Download Free Trial
  8. Sale Ends Tomorrow
  9. Buy Today and Save 70%
  10. Offer Ends Soon
  11. Hurry
  12. Reduce
  13. Discover
  14. Retire
  15. Improve
  16. Boost
  17. Enhance
  18. Increase
  19. Avoid
  20. Uncover
  21. Eliminate
  22. Prevent
  23. Cheap
  24. Sale
  25. Limited Time
  26. Quick
  27. Easy
  28. Buy
  29. Powerful
  30. Don’t
  31. Lowest
  32. Most
  33. Now is Your Chance
  34. You Should
  35. Discover Your Potential
  36. Make Money Now
  37. Faster
  38. Make _ Per Week
  39. Wider Variety
  40. Discount
  41. Most Comprehensive
  42. Lowest Price
  43. Free Sample
  44. _ Made me _
  45. Buy Now
  46. Beat
  47. Get
  48. Certified
  49. Smash
  50. Tell
  51. Say
  52. Cut
  53. Ultimate
  54. Best Buy
  55. Final
  56. Last
  57. Vital
  58. Last Chance
  59. Money Off
  60. Marked Down
  61. Price Cut
  62. Complimentary
  63. Potent
  64. Cut
  65. Show
  66. Change
  67. Great
  68. Decrease
  69. Best
  70. The Best
  71. Buy and Get
  72. _% Off
  73. Care
  74. Learn
  75. Lower Prices
  76. Prime
  77. Raw
  78. Seize
  79. Refinance
  80. Donate
  81. Cash
  82. Guarantee
  83. Take Advantage
  84. Generate
  85. Try
  86. Want
  87. Develop
  88. Create
  89. Score
  90. Find
  91. Drive
  92. Join
  93. Profit
  94. Gain
  95. Provide
  96. Leverage
  97. Extend
  98. Achieve
  99. Accelerate
  100. Build
  101. Obtain

Please feel free to add any other important words we’ve missed in the comments; there are so many more!


2 Responses to “101 Action Words and Phrases to Boost Your Ad Campaign”
  1. Gary Riding says:

    Thanks, a great post. I am very new to sales pages and this will help me convert on my next product, i am sure.


  2. Jeff Moreau says:

    Great post with a lot of keywords and phrases to use for any type of campaign that you may have planned.