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usabilityYou know you should be doing usability testing on your websites. But how often do you? My guess is that an overwhelming majority of people fall into the never/rarely camp (myself included). So why are so many of us neglecting something we KNOW we should be doing? Because in the past, it has been an expensive, royal pain in the butt!

I wanted to share with you some fast, simple and cheap (yes cheap) ways for you to dive into usability testing. Each review you read are actual case results for this modern crib bedding site.

Paid Results:


Cost: $29
Verdict: Fan-Flipping-Tastic!

For  $29 will match you up with a video & audio recording detailing user experience as well as written summary.

Information provided for the test:
Demographics: Female, 18-34, United States, $40, 000 to $100, 000
You are a parent, expecting a child and you are shopping for items to furniture the new nursery.
-Look for a crib bedding set that you like. Review the features to ensure it has a fitted sheet, bumper, blanket, & skirt.
-You already have the Two Wide Changing table, and you would like to submit a product review on this product. you like and give it 5 stars.
-Look for a changing table. You want to send the link to your friend of two changing tables that you like. use the “send to a friend” link to do so.
-Look for a crib that you like. Before you add this item to you cart you have a quick question about the return policy. Review the return policy, and determine if you can return this product. (please note in response if you found this information).
-Add the Crib to your cart.
-Look for a rocking chair that you like and add this product to you cart.
-Once you have added all of these items to you cart, you decided you do not need a rocking chair, and remove this product from your cart.
-Complete the online checkout, using random (fake) information for the billing, shipping, and credit card details. The order will not fully process, as the site is in testing mode

What we got back:

Usability Testing – Review from aj ghergich on Vimeo. matched us with an actual expectant mother who shops at similar sites! She provided a 20 minute video review and completed all tasks required and then some.  I was personally floored by the quality!


Cost: $15 per review
Verdict: Worth The Money
For  $15 will provide you with a detailed written summary of your user testing questions.

What we got back:
You can actually see all qualification questions and answers by clicking on the link. For $15 a user we got some pretty detailed feedback to our questions. I was not as blown away by the feedback, but did I get my money’s worth? Easily!


Cost: $10 for 10 reviews
Verdict: Worth The Money
For  $10 will provide you with 10 answers to a list of questions you create.

Information provided for the test:
1. Can you return crib bedding sheets that have been washed once and you have had them for 30 days?
2. Can the Nurseryworks Two-Wide Changing Table be returned 15 days after it has been received?
3. Try to find the Lulu crib bedding set made by Glenna Jean (brand). Did you feel it was difficult to locate on the website.
4. Is there free shipping for the Studio Crib by Nurseryworks (brand)?
5. You need to contact BabyAuthority. Did you find it easy to locate the phone number, email or another method to contact BabyAuthority?
6. If you order a Central Park Crib Bedding Set by Glenna Jean (brand) today, when would this order ship out?

What we got back:
You can see the 10 unique sets of answers to our 6 questions by following the link. Again, nothing earth shattering but I think this was a really great value. 10 different people saw the site and gave us (for the most part) detailed answers to each question. This is very valuable feedback for $10.

Free Results:

I have tried a bunch of free usability sites in the past and mostly got back what I paid for..nothing! I do not want to slam anyone for providing a free service so I will just direct you here. – I have found this site to be a good place to get a review from “graphic design” types. It is free of charge and a good place to post screenshots of a site before it is live.

The only negative is that they force you to review 5 sites before you get a review. I understand why of course but this leads to comments left by others that “feel” forced. All in all it is one of the best free sources out there. Use it! This site is great but I use it more for banners & graphics on sites or actual posters vs an entire site.


Ok, no more excuses. These sites will provide you with a low cost of entry and fast turnaround (most of these test were done same day). If you are not doing, or rarely doing usability testing now is the time to start. It is addicting and will provide some of the best ROI you have ever seen.

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6 Responses to “Usability Sites Reviewed – Actual Case Study Results”
  1. Toni Barber says:

    We’ve been testing out a new user testing product called Loop11. Would love to see you guys review this one too.

  2. Truly, this is the first time I think about this. I never thought for a usability test but now I am thinking to do one. I think $10 will be enough for it.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..How to make Mafia Wars a Traffic Generating Machine For Your Blog? =-.

  3. Jack Duncan says:

    This is really great info. I think most people have been led to believe that usability testing has to cost $1,000′s and involve expensive equipment.

    I’m going to check out, because for that price, and the kind of feedback you received…it’s really a no-brainer at $29.

    One question I would have though, is if the user is being 100% honest, or are they “fudgeing” a little because they are being paid for their input?

    Great information though…and I think anyone can afford and benefit from these sites.

    .-= Jack Duncan´s last blog ..Google Keywords – How To Find The Best Keywords To Use =-.


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