New Yahoo Layout?


Hmm is Yahoo testing a new layout? A colleague happened upon this page when he went to Yahoo. I’ve cleared my cache, but I’m still getting the old one. He lives in Chicago, so a test perhaps? 

I’ve been having friends, fam and colleagues try and load it, but they keep getting the same old same old, so they’re probably still testing it.

I like the new layout – its nice, clean and about freaking time they updated?

Also here is a shot of the applications on the left. Yahoo reworked this area as you can see.


6 Responses to “New Yahoo Layout?”
  1. Lindsey says:

    I have it too, but I want out of it! I prefer the old one o.o’\

    I live in Texas, btw. I sorta prefer the old one at this point in time.

  2. Dave says:

    To get rid or it, clear your cache and your cookies. I too thought it was malware or a BHO.

  3. tz says:

    I joined yahoo yesterday, and because i never saw the “old layout” i actually liked it! i made the mistake of clearing my cookies, and finding the layout different!! I like the newer layout much better!!!!!

    • TC says:

      I experienced it for the first time and yes, figured it was a virus. in fact some redirect viruses show the same issue.

      In the upper left corner of the yahoo page is a peelback with see the NEW yahoo.

      I must have clicked that. Once done you have to look down the new page to choose to revert to the clasic yahoo.

      Hope this comforts some who think the is instantly a virus.

  4. Gene Walker says:

    Terrible page – they announced today that it will become permenent in November. Looking for a new home page.


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