5 Ways To Use A QR Code To Gain Business


You probably have seen these little black and white codes on the back of catalogs, on the sides of buses, or maybe even downloaded one on your phone as a boarding pass.  They seem to be popping up just about everywhere.  The QR Code, Quick Response Code, is a two dimensional matrix barcode that can be read by QR Readers. 
You will need a phone with an internal camera and a QR Reader.  Some new phones will come with a QR Reader already installed, or you can download the software in the form of an app.

I suggest using the QR Code Reader and Scanner by Big in Japan.  I downloaded three QR readers before finding this one that worked like a charm on my iphone.  Once the app is on your phone, you are ready to go!  There are a ton of difference uses for the QR Code, but I found these to be the top 5 best ways people have started using them.

1) Business Cards

Place a QR Code on your business cards.  All your business associates have to do is scan the QR Code and your information is automatically added to their contacts.  You can put as much or as little information on the QR Code as you want.  You can order QR Code Business Cards on Tec-It right now, but I suspect these will become widely available in the near future.  This would be great for having at tradeshows or large conventions!

2) E-Commerce Promotions

Place a QR Code on a print advertisement for your customers to reach your promotion quickly.  Scanning the code can take them directly to the promotion section of your website, or provide a text with a discount coupon code.  Super simple.

3) Real Estate

Placing QR Codes on lawn signs to allow for potential buyers to receive more information on the listing, and save the real estate agents contact details with one click.  I wish this was available when I was looking for a home!

4) Product Instructions

Use a QR Code on the outside of product packaging that will allow the customer to scan the QR Code to get the instructions on how to assemble the product, either via video or written instructions.  Save a tree and the cost of printing!

5) Travel

Download your boarding pass on your phone in the form of a QR Code, instead of printing it out.  These are easy for the airlines to scan and you do not need a computer.  One more way to save paper!

If you would like to create your own QR Code, Kaywa has a nice QR Code Generator available for free.  The code can be used to sent a text message, go directly to a URL, send a phone number of an SMS.  My favorite part of using the QR Codes is that it requires very little typing on the keypad.  You will save a ton of time by scanning instead of typing.  Let us know how you use QR Codes for your business, or how you would like to see them used in your everyday life.


2 Responses to “5 Ways To Use A QR Code To Gain Business”
  1. QR-codes are a revolution. I wonder if it is possible for a video to be QR-coded?

  2. Rebecca says:

    Great post! I love some of these ideas for using QR Codes. I like Kaywa too for a generator, it is a little more robust than qurify.